Parking Shade

First Prefab Houses Tr. presents cutting-edge parking shade solutions that marry functionality with elegance. Our structures boast robust steel or aluminum frameworks, ensuring stability and longevity. The roofing material comes in high-quality UV-resistant fabric or polycarbonate panels, providing optimal protection against the elements. We offer versatile designs, from single-car to multi-car options, catering to various parking needs. Customizable in a spectrum of colors, our shades seamlessly integrate with their surroundings or corporate branding. Installation is hassle-free, incorporating secure anchor points and advanced tensioning systems, guaranteeing durability and safety. Elevate your parking experience with our expertly crafted and visually appealing parking shade solutions.

Structure: The framework is constructed from robust steel or lightweight aluminum, providing exceptional stability and resistance against environmental stressors.

Roofing Material: Utilizes high-quality, UV-resistant fabric or polycarbonate panels, ensuring protection against harsh sunlight while allowing natural light to filter through.

Design: Available in single, double, or multi-car configurations, providing options for covering various numbers of vehicles.

Colors: Offers a range of color choices for both the frame and the fabric, allowing customization to match the surrounding environment or corporate branding.

Installation: Professionally installed with secure anchor points and advanced tensioning systems, ensuring durability and safety against wind and other elements.