First Prefab Houses Tr. offers high-quality fencing solutions designed for both security and aesthetics. Our fences are crafted from durable galvanized steel or lightweight yet sturdy aluminum, ensuring longevity and resistance against environmental elements. Height customization is available to cater to specific security needs, while design options include chain-link, picket, or mesh styles, providing varied levels of visibility and privacy. To enhance durability and visual appeal, our fences are coated with a weather-resistant powder finish. Installation is effortless, facilitated by sturdy, anchored posts that guarantee stability. Choose our fencing solutions for a perfect blend of security, style, and durability.

Material: The fencing structure is crafted from durable galvanized steel or lightweight yet robust aluminum, ensuring longevity and resistance to corrosion.

Height: Fences come in various standard heights, often customizable to meet specific requirements based on security or aesthetic preferences.

Design: Available in diverse styles such as chain-link, picket, or mesh, offering options for various levels of visibility and security.

Coating: Fencing is coated with a high-quality powder finish, providing excellent weather resistance and enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal.
br/> Installation: Installation is facilitated through sturdy posts anchored securely into the ground, ensuring stability and longevity.